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61 N Topsia Road,Kolkata 700039   

tel:033 9830057297 /033-32004204 

  Fax: 033 23439369

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  Kamal International

Reg: Office

61 N Topsia Road,Kolkata 700039.

Correspondence office /Factory  541,Kumrakhali,Mathura Road,PO. Narendrapur,Kolkata 700103,India.        

tel: +91 9748712188 / +91 33 32004691 

fax:+91 33 24357311 

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Sanskar Fashions Pvt Ltd.

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Kamal Exim Pvt Ltd

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Our Parent company M/s SS Polymers was formed in 1987 to manufacture Pvc compounds and other various plastic compounds catering to mainly the shoe and pipe manufacturing industry.about us

Kamal International was started in 1994 to manufacture fashion Leather accessories for exports to the European Union and Usa.

Since then the group has diversified into various activities and companies with a view to expand on its core strengths - design and production .

Sanskar Fashions Pvt.Ltd is the creative and designing wing of  the company.Its core functions include Designing and prototyping  along with other value added services like product branding ,web support,quality assurance,liaison,sourcing and logistic support to importers and clients worldwide.It also retails its products under the brand names Arpera & Vabene and manages the retailing section of the group

Kamal Exim Pvt.Ltd as the name suggests caters to exports of leather accessories mainly focusing on OEM jobs and giving customized solutions to fashion houses and brands.It is the manufacturing wing for fashion accessories.

Vardhoman Exim , an affiliate company  markets accessories for the Group and its brands.

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round1 The managegement team r2

promortersS.P.Grover - Director and Promoter of the group Companies.He is the Chairman of the Group and a first generation entrepreneur whose motto has always been "be positive"

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Sajal Grover -Director B.E , Enterprise management –IIM ahmedabad ,Diploma in Finance and investment management.

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Sumiti Bhatia - M.A. Jadavpur University • The "girl power " of the group with over 9 yrs experience in Designing and bulk manufacturing Fashion accessories .

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Surendra Bhatia - Director Vardhoman Exim , An Engineer and management student from IIM Kolkata defines the sales "force" behind the group.

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