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Handcrafted exquisite jewellery…

an art form handed down generations…

Made from 100% natural non-toxic terracotta.

An age old process of heat controlled baking gives each piece its various colors , textures and rustic feel .

Experience the nostalgia of the old forgotten way…

Jewellery that …touches your senses….

close to your heart.

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  • jw: KI-SET-50-RT-05-B(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-30-RT-12-C(i)
  • jw: KI-G-SET-30-RT-06-A(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-100-RT-02-A(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-150-RT-01A(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-24-RT-08-C(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-24-RT-14-A
  • jw: KI-SET-30-RT-01-B
  • jw: SET-01
  • jw: KI-SET-100-RT-01-B(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-30-RT-02-A
  • jw: SET-04.2
  • jw: KI-SET-30-RT-03-A
  • jw: KI-SET-30-RT-11-A
  • jw: KI-SET-40-RT-01-B(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-50-RT-02-B(i)
  • jw: KI-SET-50-RT-04-A
  • jw: SET-04
  • jw: SET-05
  • jw: SET-06
  • jw: SET-12
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